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Grow your wealth and transform it into multi-generational wealth.
About Company

Kohelab Invest : Your partner in success

Kohelab Invest is an online platform that provides access to a wide range of financial products and services. We offer our clients a simple and convenient platform to manage their finances and make informed investment decisions.

Our team at Kohelab Invest works hard and is determined to work tirelessly on our mission to help our clients prosper.

Our company

Kohelab Invest was built from scratch, with a strong desire help or encourage our community to become financially stable and grow economically. Ultimately, our dream is to build our nation by strengthening our financial position as rich as our culture and heritage.

We are proud to say that we have been working tirelessly to realize this dream.

We have a large global client base, and we have partnerships with some of the largest banks and other financial institutions in the world.

At KOHELAB, we have strong roots in Africa and we are trying to give back to our community by helping African investors around the world.

We analyze the economies of different parts of the world so our clients can make the smartest investment and contribute to their economic well-being and growth. We work primarily in Africa and Europe


Our mission is to provide innovative, practical and personalised financial solutions that help our customers thrive.


Kohelab Invest sees a future where everyone has access to quality financial products and services that will enable them to reach their full potential.


Our goal is to build your wealth and transform it into multi-generational wealth, so you can ensure financial stability and help your family lead a comfortable life.


Our main goal is to provide financial services and solutions to meet your needs. We also offer a platform that connects investors and entrepreneurs in the global marketplace.

Our team of experts and financial advisors is experienced and competent in services such as financial planning, asset management, immigration law, and investment advice to meet all your specific needs. We understand the cultural and economic background of the clients, which is why we offer a personal touch to the services we provide.

Let us take care of your wealth

Our team will take care of all your financial needs such as real estate investment, real estate investment with residence and citizenship in Europe, real estate credit, investment advice, wealth and property management.

Our Management


Cyrielle, our managing director, is an investment advisor and AMF ( Autorité des Marché Financiers) and IMC ( Investment Migration Council ) -certified economist. She has a degree in economics and financial markets (Bachelor business in entrepreneurship at the Excelia / Sup De Co La Rochelle business school and holds a MSc. in financial markets, trading and risk management from the INSEEC Business school). She has worked with several large companies in the financial sector and has held various middle office positions, including advice to help clients identify investment services that are most useful to them. Having this range of experiences allows her to consciously embrace the highest standards of professional care and always serve the interests of clients first. She comes from Cameroon where she was born and raised.

When she was in business school, her parents went bankrupt after a bad investment decision. To help her family and alleviate their financial difficulties, she worked two jobs. The reason they went bankrupt is that they invested all their money in one asset and one country. It indicates high systemic risk and lack of diversification. That’s why she works hard and tries to educate, mobilise and encourage as many people as possible to take care of their finances and assets. She wants to ensure that her community and her clients do not have to undergo the same experience.

Her aspiration to help and encourage others inspired her to start “KOHELAB”, a financial management company. It helps fuel Africa’s economic growth by financing African entrepreneurs, ultimately helping them to succeed and prosper. In her own words, “I am on my mission to help and support my community to access the best investment opportunities, safe and sustainable, to maintain and develop their wealth to secure and improve the future of their families and businesses.”

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For more than 8 years, Tania Sime has worked as an SAP consultant, which has allowed her to better understand the different financial processes required in various business sectors and to offer the best investment opportunities. She has worked on facilitating business change and transformation, providing high value to clients as a finance and investment advisor. With a lot of focus and determination, she is able to make clients understand the importance of investing in the right place.

Although she does not have a university background in finance, she still understands value for money, safety and integrity. Despite the financial hassle, she learned the value of money through her personal experiences. This allows him to help his clients achieve better results.Working hard to live makes everyone aware of the need for investment in the right place. She cares about her clients and eliminates investment risks.

Inspired by her struggle to meet the needs of her community, she eventually joined KOHELAB as CEO to help people cope with financial situations and secure their families. In charge of cooperation at HYBR, Tania worked on the remodelling of a sustainable life portfolio. This enabled him to clearly understand how investments work, to offer the best investment opportunities to clients and to help them manage their financial aspects.

Tania completed her BA in Life Sciences in 2006, then followed two years of specialised courses in Mathematics/ Phy accompanied by a Master. Its ambitions and ability to help people make KOHELAB the ideal place for investment solutions.

Every experience and ordeal of her life encouraged her to help clients and the community. From there, his passion for investment and financial industries was born. She pays special attention to the needs of each client and is always available to them day and night.

She believes in taking advantage of everything life has to offer by balancing current financial experiences with savings for future retirement. She realizes that the only sure thing in life is change, so she develops dynamic plans to help eliminate unexpected risks through appropriate investment and savings strategies.

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Emily is an experienced marketing leader with proven experience in the investment management industry. She is an excellent marketing and business development professional and a graduate of the Rochester Institute of Technology. She also has excellent skills in: sales and marketing, customer-centric service, residency programs, global citizenship and executive management.