Kohelab Invest

Senegalese CEO for Investment in Europe

Our Client:

A Senegalese CEO contacts KOHELAB to obtain residency in the E.U. for him and his family of four (his wife and three children). He wants his family to have the best opportunities and his children to go to prestigious schools to create a better future for them. He also wants to diversify his assets by benefiting from attractive returns.

Our approach and Solution:

With the help of KOHELAB, the process is made seamless around the CEO’s schedule. It is customized to the CEO’s needs. With our experienced experts, we will make the investment specific to his circumstances. KOHELAB does all the due diligence to kick start the process.


The main challenge is the BUDGET. The cost of both programs, investing in citizenship and investing in residence, increases as the number of people increases. The residential investment programme for Portugal and Greece requires a minimum investment of 350,000 euro (5-6 month process) and 250,000 euro (3-4 month process) respectively.
The second challenge is TIMING. The application process can take about 3-6 months, and with a 5 year residency permit.
Beyond the budget and timing, the biggest problems faced by our KOHELAB INVEST teams were finding the right program and country for the customer. Indeed, the client was looking for both a country with an attractive rental yield that could generate real estate gains in case of resale and a state-of-the-art education system for children.


  • Visa exemption for travel within the Schengen area.
  • Access to prestigious schools and universities.
  • Develop the investor’s activities abroad by finding investors and partnerships.
  • Living and working in and residing in the EU country.
  • Family members can benefit without additional investment
  • Contributing to the growth of the African continent.