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Greece-One of the best countries to invest in real estate as a foreigner

Greece-One of the best countries to invest in real estate as a foreigner

A Greek legend claims that God distributed all of the available soil through a sieve and used the stones that remained to build Greece. Maybe that is why Greece has stunning landscapes and beautiful islands of various sizes.

Greece is a fascinating country with a rich culture and the perfect Mediterranean climate. It is also known for its delicious food and historic sites. Hence it is one of the most popular European countries.

Greece is a core member state of the European Union and the Schengen area, which provides many benefits for its residents. Non-EU citizens who wish to stay in Greece for more than three months require a residence permit issued by the Greek authorities .


The Golden Visa for Greece is one of the most popular investment visa programs in the EU. Africans seeking to relocate to live in Europe but don’t want to be restricted as to where and when they must move, will find Greece’s Golden Visa the perfect opportunity. It is a residence-by-investment visa (launched in 2013), issued to non-EU citizens who make a significant investment in the Greek economy. There are several investment options, but the most common route is through real estate investment.

Greek Golden Visa Law

Benefits of Greek residency

The increase in the minimum investment for the Golden visa, aims at making real estate more affordable to the locals. However the increased rates will likely depress foreign demand and slow down sales, forcing builders and property owners to focus on amenities and luxuries the properties provide.