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Investment & wealth creation with cyrielle kouamou
Happy International Women’s month ladies. How did you celebrate this year’s women’s day. Did you join any events that took place both online and offline. Did you organise any parties or perhaps even celebrate your wins. Ladies, it’s important to celebrate your wins and appreciate the small steps you’re taking towards achieving your big goals. Well, for me, this year’s women’s month was an eventful one with so many women’s day celebration events to attend across different platforms, from Twitter spaces to zoom conferences to mention a few. There was a range of educative and empowering topics which I attended, from tech, self-care, career development to finances. Oh and talking about finances, our second edition cover star is an Investment Advisor and Wealth Creator and she knows a thing or two about finances.

Hello Cyrielle, welcome to Plus Woman Magazine’s second edition. Please tell us who you are and where you come from?

I am Cyrielle, a proud IMC Certified Investment Advisor and Economist. Born and bred in Cameroon, and I am the 4th of five children in my family. My parents, being foresighted people who were always one step ahead of time, understood the value of investing in assets as well as the value of formal education and that is why Cameroon is where I finished college. From a young age I knew I had a vision and mission about what I wanted to give to the world. I’m wholeheartedly committed to my mission to help and support my community to get access to the best, safer and sustainable investment opportunities in order to grow and maintain their wealth for the good and betterment of their family’s future and businesses. 

Wow, your career journey is an inspiring one, could please tell us how you started to where you are now?

I moved to France to pursue an entrepreneurial bachelor’s degree and an MBA in financial markets and trading with an exchange program in Santa Barbara, California, USA. I began my career in corporate finance where I worked as a financial controller for several large corporations. Then I shifted to the financial market industry where I worked as a middle office analyst and arbitrage trader. 

My desire to help and encourage others inspired me to start ‘KOHELAB Invest,’ a financial management firm. With the support of other partners, we started from scratch and built a strong network of the financial and investment advisory business. I’m grateful and proud that I could pertain that determination in myself to vouch for my dreams.

What attributes or values do you uphold that have led to your career success?

During my second year at the business school, our family faced a difficult time. My parents went bankrupt after a bad investment decision, and the situation deteriorated. To assist my family and alleviate their financial strain, I had to work two jobs to pay a portion of my scholarship, rent, and food.. To put it short, my parents went bankrupt for two reasons: they invested all of their money in a single asset and a single nation. That indicates lake has a high systemic risk and diversification. They invested where their peers invested since it was the only piece of information they had. As a result, they were likewise lacking information. I have witnessed what my parents have been through and how it has affected our lives. In the main, it was one of the best experiences of my life; it helped me set my aim of maintaining and developing the family wealth and those of my clients, as well as honouring and celebrating African investors on a global scale. That’s why I work hard to ensure that my customers and community don’t have to go through the same experience by educating, engaging, and encouraging as many people as possible to take care of their finances and assets. I Act with honesty, transparency and integrity and avoid conflicts of interest in professional relationships. I am committed to each of my clients’ financial well-being, and I keep a careful eye on their investments and the market to alert them when to invest or divest as market circumstances permit.

What career advice do you have for young girls and women who would like to get into your industry.?

I would like to offer some advice that I wish someone had given me when I was younger. Do not give damn if anyone approves your dreams and missions. You do not have to seek permission from the world because the masses bound by mediocrity will never approve of anything that breaks convention or smacks of boldness and magic.Choose an ambition and, with full force, expect that it is possible and that you can make it happen. Give constant attention and committed effort to your dreams, and your motivation will perpetuate itself. Demonstrate a positive attitude as you strive for great things and take care to create a supportive environment around you that amplifies your motivation. Always remember that your day is ultimately your choice. Believing otherwise is accepting the role of victim in life.

No one around you can tear you from progressing toward your dreams.

If you would like to learn more about Cyrielle Kouamou and her work, you can visit her company and socials, Instagram: @the_switxh, LinkedIn: Cyrielle Kouamou & Twitter: @The_Switxh