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With countless options and endless opportunities in the market, often managing finances and making investments gets overwhelming. We are here to help you out with your finances.

Our Services

Real Estate Investment in Europe

We will help you find the perfect real estate investment opportunity in properties around the world, including a wide range of projects that help you get residency and citizenship in Europe.

Investment Advice

Our team of experienced professionals will work with you to develop a customized investment strategy that meets your investment needs, whether you’re looking for short-term returns or a long-term investment.

Wealth and Real Estate Management

In this age and time, it is not enough to just make money, it is also important to protect the wealth you have worked hard to accumulate.

Kohelab Invest is trusted by more than -----private investors from over ---- countries

We have a large global client base, and we have partnerships with some of the largest banks and other financial institutions in the world.

At KOHELAB, we have strong roots in Africa and we are trying to give back to our community by helping African investors around the world.

We analyze the economies of different parts of the world so our clients can make the smartest investment and contribute to their economic well-being and growth. We work primarily in Africa and Europe


Frequently asked questions.

The first step is to schedule a consultation with one of our financial advisors. During the consultation, we learn about you and your family’s future and financial goals, and determine which services are right for you.
We offer a variety of financial and investment management services, including real estate investment in Europe with residency and citizenship, wealth management, retirement planning and estate planning.
Depending on the service you request, our fees are structured in two parts: management fee and service fee. We will determine it and let you know during the consultation.
The minimum amount to invest depends on the investment opportunities in our portfolio. The investment can be in real estate, Greenfield projects, infrastructure projects, etc. The minimum amount of investment for the Residence Permit by investment program for Greece would be EURO 250,000, for Portugal EURO 350,000 and for Italy EURO 250,000.
You only have to invest a minimum of EURO 250,000 in properties, donations, or innovative start-ups and you can get your residency. The visa is granted for five years and renewed every five years if the investment is retained.
Overall the entire process can take between 3-6 months: Finding the right property can take approximately a month. Collecting all the documents and coordinating the application process can take up to two months. Getting your Residence Permit through the investment program (Greece, Italy, Portugal) could take +3 months.
The time frame for the visible results of your investment depends on your specific objectives. For example, if you are saving for retirement, you may not see the results for several years. However, if you invest in a short-term goal, such as a loan fund, you could see results in a few months and when you buy a property, you can receive rental income as early as the next month of your investment.