Kohelab Invest

Our Mantra

We aim to build your wealth and grow it into multigenerational wealth, so that you can provide financial stability and help your family lead a comfortable life.
We strive to offer you the best. We grow as you grow, and so does our community.

About US

Kohelab Invest was built with a strong desire to encourage our community to become financially stable and grow economically. Ultimately, our dream is to build our nation by strengthening our financial position as rich as our culture and heritage

We are proud to say that we have been working tirelessly to realize this dream.

Investors in more than 25 countries trust Kohelab

We have a large global client base, and we have partnerships with some of the largest banks and other financial institutions in the world.

At kohelab, we have strong roots in Africa and we are trying to give back to our community by helping African investors around the world.

We analyze the economies of different parts of the world so our clients can make the smartest investment and contribute to their economic well-being and growth. We work primarily in Africa and Europe


Our primary focus is providing financial services and solutions to meet your needs. We also act as a financial platform that bridges investors and entrepreneurs in the global market.

Our team of financial experts and advisers are experienced and skilled in services such as financial planning, asset management, immigration law, and investment guidance to cater to all your specific needs. We understand the cultural and economical background of the clients, that is why we offer a personal touch to the services we provide.

Invest in your future

We believe that investing can be simple and we’d love to show you how it’s done.

Use your money wisely

Investing gives you the opportunity to earn more than you would on the interest from your traditional savings accounts and bonds. As you earn more, you can save more.

Grow your wealth

Investing can help you build and grow your wealth multifold over time.

Real-time portfolio view

With our real-time Portfolio, our clients have an overview of all their assets around the world in real time and at one place. Therefore, it is easier to keep a track of them.
Why Kohelab Invest?

Tailored solutions for your success

We offer a wide range of financial services and investment advice, that are designed specifically to meet your specific needs and objectives.


You can be assured that your portfolio and financial details are safe with us


We have a competent team of experts who have years of experience.

Global Reach

We have a network of offices and partners all over the world, this allows us to offer our services to clients in more than 25 countries.

Customized Solutions

Each person is unique and hence, we offer customized solutions that are made uniquely for your financial aspirations.

Freedom to Travel

With our Golden Visa program, investors can travel around the world without the restrictions of visas.

Solving Your Financial Dilemmas

Our team of experts guide and help you choose what’s best for you from the ample options and endless opportunities available.

Get Started with Little Hassle

We make it easy for you to open and manage your account, so you can focus on what’s important – reaching your investment goals.

Transparency and Accuracy

We make sure that our customers know where their money is going and why it’s good for them.

Our Services

Our Client

A Senegalese CEO contacts KOHELAB to obtain residency in the E.U. for him and his family of four (his wife and three children). He wants his family to have the best opportunities and his children to go to prestigious schools to create a better future for them. He also wants to diversify his assets by benefiting from attractive returns.